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WhatsApp Plus Green
App Name WhatsApp Plus Green
App Version V33
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category Green WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

. Hello and welcome back to our dear followers on our official website. Today's topic is 🤗Green WhatsApp. As usual, we are working to present the most important and best of our topics that many people in the world need, and one of the most important of these topics is what frequently asks and requests to talk about Green WhatsApp
WhatsApp Plus Green apps and downloads, and now we're talking. About Green WhatsApp🤩, the most used in the world.

Download KB WhatsApp latest version 2024

Green WhatsApp for free for Android latest version

Green WhatsApp 🤩updated the latest version, and this application can be considered professional for the Green WhatsApp application by professional programmers in the field of Android, and the wonderful features were additions to the immediate practice.

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus Green for Android, it is one of the top chatting and messaging apps on the social media platform.
Green WhatsApp developer The developer has developed a version of WhatsApp because of its many features.

Green WhatsApp update. One of the basic and important things in people's lives, whether through chatting, voice calls or video calls, there is no home without the presence of this program, Green WhatsApp, against the ban, and it works on all Android phones, whether they are weak or medium. Issuance.

This application does not cause harm to the phone, after the tremendous progress in technology that it has reached, it has become easy to create a personal account on the Green WhatsApp download program, the latest version. All you need is a card and a phone number.

An introduction to Green WhatsApp for free for Android

Download the Green WhatsApp application, this application contains many wonderful additions, and you can install a copy easily, and its advantages:

As this application is unique and attractive, and it contains many great features and characteristics.
for this reason; It is preferred by millions of people who are looking to download the Green WhatsApp🤩 application with a direct link for Android, for these features we mentioned with you in this article Green WhatsApp, so follow us to know everything that is new and do it.

In addition, it added many special features, thus becoming a powerful and competitive alternative to WhatsApp, and in a short time it became one of the best messaging applications all over the world.

You can also download it to your phone. Making voice calls between friends as well as meeting friends over video calls is fun.

It should be noted that we noticed a high-quality fun when using the calling feature, which has become prohibited in some other messaging applications.

Since launching its developer and adding many cool features, it has gained millions of users all over the world.

It is easy to download Green WhatsApp for free with the exchange of text messages and the sharing of images and files with ease, as it works on the network in a wonderful and excellent way and it can work on Wi-Fi network Fi, so it gives you high quality and great speed in exchanging text messages and exchanging pictures, videos and files, downloading Green WhatsApp has become free for Android 2024 and is the #1 app to facilitate business among entrepreneurs.

Green WhatsApp update features, latest version for Android

🔰 There is a feature to hide conversations in Green WhatsApp

🔰 Fixed an issue in previous versions with the location sending feature.

🔰 All problems in the old version have been fixed.

🔰 There is a feature to hide your presence in the Green WhatsApp application.

🔰 Hide writing in progress for the messages you write.

🔰 Feature to hide the reading mark.

🔰 The feature of hiding the reception sign.

🔰 You can change themes.

🔰You can completely clear and clean the trash of Green WhatsApp.

🔰 You can change the font type and color.

🔰 You can write your name at the top instead of the word Whatsapp.

🔰Green WhatsApp is secured with two-step verification.

🔰 You can change all the backgrounds.

🔰 Create archived messages.

🔰You can hide conversations in the Green WhatsApp chatting app.

🔰 The best feature of this app is the option to hide self messages.

🔰 Also the feature of changing accounts.

🔰 The app allows you to change the voice while recording.

🔰 There is a confirmation message before sending WhatsApp stickers.

🔰 There are also options to remove the emoji pack.

🔰 You can put a circle next to the name in Green WhatsApp🥰 to see who is online right now.

🔰 Copy part of the text when selecting the desired message.

🔰You can advanced search in this app to download Green WhatsApp.

🔰You can copy the content of your friends' stories.

The most important green WhatsApp chat update

🔰Green WhatsApp new update. The programmer worked on updating the rules of the Green WhatsApp application.

🔰 Inside this application there are many features that were not present in the original application such as the main application WhatsApp in which you cannot download cases if these cases are images or videos but with the download of Green WhatsApp you are able to do that easily.

🔰 The original program of the Green WhatsApp😍 application, you can only operate one phone number, but with the new update of the Green WhatsApp application, you will have the ability to operate more than one number on the same application. The application allows you to open two or more accounts, unlike the regular WhatsApp.

🔰This application provides you with a set of tools so that you can diversify the look of the application and customize the interface of Green WhatsApp for Android so that you can download a specific set of available siamas and stickers.

    Green WhatsApp for Android

    🔰Green WhatsApp latest version This version has become safer and against the ban.

    🔰 This version has the ability to work for more than three months.

    🔰Option to translate texts into multiple languages.

    🔰Green WhatsApp Additions to the new forms of the application additions interface

    🔰 Sending messages has been increased to an unlimited number.

    🔰 The app allows you to pin more than 1000 chats at once.

    🔰 Since downloading Green WhatsApp🤩, you can change the shape of the icon from the outside.

    🔰 Fixes for the issue of downloading themes.

    🔰 Fix the problem of late messages.

    🔰Many other fixes.

      KBWhatsApp Download The Latest Version

      Green WhatsApp updates latest version

      🔆Add quick translation.

      🔆Added new options for downloading cases

      🔆Quick translation feature in conversation.

      🔆Automatic dark/light mode theme store.

      🔆Option to hide privacy terms notice (More settings > Settings > Hide privacy message) You can hide without accepting.
      Add subtitles to voice changer options.

      🔆Copy Caption has been moved and installed from long press to download options.

      🔆Fixed wallpaper themes that do not apply to some phones.

      🔆Unlock more than one WhatsApp account easily, just like Telegram.

      🔆 Add a change in the voice of the voice recording by entering the conversation, after the three points, then change the voice.

      🔆Preview and confirm the add-ons before sending the sticker.

      🔆Add an option to delete downloaded emoji packs.

      🔆 Files added to the home screen now take on the color of the themes.

      🔆Fix the delay in sending messages in WhatsApp.

      🔆 Crash fixes on all devices.

      🔆Fix stuck status for Android 13.

      🔆 Raising the duration of the case for more than an hour

      🔆Green WhatsApp updates latest version

        Green WhatsApp Download

        Green WhatsApp original

        💠You can also change the text font for WhatsApp and many other items that are customized in the app.

        💠Update Green WhatsApp,🤗 you can use a secret code that locks WhatsApp chats and allows you to play recordings automatically.

        💠 You can automatically reply to messages by sending a private message when you are offline and set the time to send messages to the people you want.

        💠Green WhatsApp is very secure compared to other competing apps.
        You can hide it when recording an audio clip.

        💠 You can send a status notification if one of your friends changes their profile picture.

        💠 A notification will be sent to you when one of your friends sees your Astury.

        💠Notifications will keep notifying you when your friends send a new status.

        💠In the case of sending images, you can select 10 images in the normal WhatsApp, but in the Green WhatsApp application, you can send about 90 images in one go.

        💠 There are no annoying ads in Green WhatsApp

        💠 Update Green WhatsApp. It hides a group of user data such as name and date through the Green WhatsApp application

        💠You can see who visited your homepage.
        Green WhatsApp, the latest version, with a direct link. You can see who is online right now from within Green WhatsApp.

        💠 Green WhatsApp update. You have the ability to block someone and prevent them from contacting you, this is one of the most important features out there.

          Download Green WhatsApp

          🌐 This version is completely safe.

          🌐You can crop the statuses for more than 3 0 seconds and then see them exactly as if they were one.

          🌐Green WhatsApp Download There is a feature to lock WhatsApp by fingerprint, pattern or password.

          🌐You can play all voice chats at once.

          🌐Download Green WhatsApp.😍 There are privacy options present from the first version, such as hiding the read mark and also hiding the received mark.

          🌐 Prevents scraping of messages.

          🌐 You can hide that you have seen your friends' status.

          🌐 There is also a feature to hide the flag that messages have been converted.

          🌐You can download status videos, as well as how to transcribe texts.

          🌐 Download Green WhatsApp.🤩 You can also enjoy more privacy, as you can customize each person in your contacts.

            Green WhatsApp with a direct link

            Dear reader, you must download Golden Green WhatsApp for free from a reliable source so that you can activate it safely without any worries. So we have provided a download link at the bottom of this article, just click on it, and then the app will be downloaded in a few seconds on your Android phones.

            Download Green WhatsApp🤩 and go to the latest version of the application and activate the backup feature. Then enter the new version and click on the word Restore to restore all your chats and information, thus no data will ever be deleted from Green WhatsApp:

            🔅 Allows you to hide that you are now online.
            🔅 Hide the word writing.
            🔅 Hide the reads tag for messages..
            🔅 It also hides the receipt sign.
            🔅 In the same way, download Green WhatsApp, the latest version of our website, because our website is completely safe from any viruses, and we always update the version and add features for you to admire with Green WhatsApp.

            Green WhatsApp latest version

            Green WhatsApp App One of the programs that you can have on your Android phone is the Green WhatsApp App
            Free and can have many features and characteristics but not known in the official Google Play:

            🔹 It provides a direct download link from other sources, so it is no longer possible to download programs from Google Play.

            🔹 Green WhatsApp🤩 has created modifications to the WhatsApp application
            🔹You can also freeze your last seen on the app, so no one from any of your contacts will see you.

            🔹You can also recover all deleted messages and be able to read messages.
            🔹 Download the Green WhatsApp application, just download the application from the places designated for you, then install it on your phone.

            🔹 Then you have to register with the phone number and then it can be used easily.

            Green WhatsApp update to the latest version of Android

            We can find some of the favorite features of WhatsApp users that are different from the original WhatsApp, which are feature updates, so that you have better control over privacy because of that; The update for Green WhatsApp appears

            ➰ Among the most important points are

            The ability to stop any forwarded signal when sending a forwarded message from another call.

            You can prevent people from canceling the messages you sent, and here we find the following:

            Full Privacy:

            What distinguishes Green WhatsApp is the complete privacy in hiding your presence on the WhatsApp application and setting the time to hide with the date and time.

            Control the program format:

            You have to choose what suits you from the colors and background you want, and there can be ready-made themes for you to use in Green WhatsApp, and it can suit all tastes.

            Lock conversations:

            You can protect calls with a password so that no one can see your conversations, so you maintain your privacy. This privacy is one of the most important aspects of this app.

            It allows you to change the look and type of fonts to make your messages between friends unique and attractive.

            Download Green WhatsApp apk

            We notice a great distinction in downloading the Green WhatsApp🤗 application, and it is considered one of the best applications, and among these features that appear in this application are as follows:

            🔅Green WhatsApp is free to download and easily on your phone.

            🔅 It does not require much storage space, so it is downloaded to the phone.

            🔅 Green WhatsApp supports Android mobile operating systems.

            🔅 Green WhatsApp also facilitates dealing with its users through the use of the Arabic language.

            🔅 It allows you to hide the date and name when referring someone else.

            🔅 You can select the size of the image that appears in messages.

            Important information about Green WhatsApp for free

            🤩There are a large number of great updates in the new version of the Green WhatsApp application, which are as follows:

            🌐 Green WhatsApp is available in V33 version.
            🌐 Work has been done to increase the duration of this version.
            🌐 The size of the Green WhatsApp application on mobile phones is only 47.69 MB.
            🌐 Green WhatsApp works on most Android phones.

            Green WhatsApp update to the latest version

            Some developers have worked on releasing apps with the same features found in the Green WhatsApp download:

            🔅 In addition, the features work without problems

            🔅 The update on our website is ongoing and one of the best of these programs is Green WhatsApp.

            🔅 The version on V33 is equipped to automatically upload up to 3 seconds long status in WhatsApp

            ➰Many things happened in this update, including:

            🔅 Disconnect the Internet. On Green WhatsApp only without the rest

            🔅 Prevent the new update of WhatsApp from deleting messages.

            🔅 There have been new updates in auto-hide conversations that play recordings.

            🔅 Add a chat lock with a password.

            🔅Enable Auto Reply

            🔅 Download WhatsApp status without any problem and activate the status completely.

            🔅 Group messaging feature has been added to groups.

            🔅 Add beautiful effects to the home screen.

            🔅 Remove the floating button on the screen.

            🔅 It gives you everything you need to make it unique, and with it you can download stickers for WhatsApp that express love and mood, and there are also stickers that express sadness.

            Download Green WhatsApp for free with a direct link for Android

            Download Green WhatsApp🥰, through which you can send all files and everything related to your business in an easy and secure way.The development faced many problems with creating a new version, especially after the temporary ban.

            Green WhatsApp, this version has been extensively and thoroughly tested on some of its users. Green WhatsApp has new features.

            🔆Hide Secret Conversations.

            🔆Upload video more than 30 seconds.

            🔆Recover deleted messages.

            🔆The best thing about Green WhatsApp is that there are no ads.

            🔆 We have noticed the importance of Green WhatsApp in the daily life needs of important files, images and everything we need in our practical life.
            It has many advantages, which saves time and effort.

            How to download Green WhatsApp with a direct link for free for Android

            Download Green WhatsApp🤩. We open the Google Chrome browser and type WhatsApp in the search bar.

            🌐 Second:
            We choose the first result, we wait seconds, then we go to the Green WhatsApp article, then we choose to download, then we wait 5 seconds, then a download link appears. We chose the WhatsApp link, clicked on it, and then transferred directly; To download and after the message appears, press OK, and wait for the file to download in . And after the download is complete, press "Open".

            Green WhatsApp installation step, after clicking Open the installation message appears, click on it, wait for the installation, after installation click Allow message and call permissions.

            🌐 Fourth:
            for this reason; So we enter the Green WhatsApp phone number and wait for the inquiry code. After sending the code just enter the code and ask for your name and WhatsApp opens easily.

            🔰 Solve the problem of downloading Green WhatsApp

            Some users may face some problems when updating the WhatsApp application, but you have some methods that we have to explain in this update:

            🌐 First method:
            Do not remove Green WhatsApp😍 from your phone, and you must go to the download, it can be downloaded and installed from the article on your phone, and with thisThere is a recent version of the application..

            🌐The second method:
            The application is updated periodically by the developers of Green WhatsApp and follow these steps.

            🌐Click on the Check for update option.
            Make sure that you are using the latest version of the original Green WhatsApp application, so that your mobile phone does not go out of service.

            Download WhatsApp Plus Green

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